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What is a hobby?

The HobbySite is your definitive guide to anything related to your hobby.  Whether you are interested in stamp collecting or flying model planes, pop art or cooking the HobbySite will connect you to other people who feel as passionate about your hobby as you do, enabling you to share tips and receive suggestions and guidance.

If you are a member of a hobby-specific club then spread the word and get your fellow hobbyists to sign up…the site is only as good as the people who are using it and we want to make this the ultimate resource for you!

This is a great question and is almost impossible to define.  However, Wikipedia have had a stab at this and defined it as follows:

“A hobby is a spare time recreational pursuit”

Some people would agree with this and some would not – we don’t care how you define a hobby -  if you feel passionately about something and spend time thinking about it or doing it then add it to the site and see how many other people feel the same way!


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rc modells can be sold as one item or completly selfbuilded


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